Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April is @$$ month 2008: Groph


This is Groph. She is my original Avatar: The Last Airbender character. Plz dun steal. Groph was created in the land of myth and mysteries. (See below:)

As stated in the above image, Groph uses fire-bending to expand her breasts and shoot fire from her nipples. (See below:)Her creation owes alot to the original character "Boph", as created by the artist known only as "Boph Anon". Boph is an ice-bender from an alternate Avatar dimension. She and Groph are good friends (See below:)Groph and Boph go on many adventures and have made many friends throught the Avatar universe. I intend to share those many adventures with you all. But alas, that is a tale for another day. Until then, please enjoy my numerous Groph illustrations. And stay tuned for more drawings of Groph and her friends.

You may notice below that little button there. It is there because I need money.
If you LOVE GROPH or enjoy ANY of my other works, I ask that you please help me produce more of it by making a small contribution.


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  1. Sexy hot character 8D Wouldn't mind seeing her do someof her own firebending ^^