Friday, January 11, 2008

Huey's Reoccuring Nightmare: Episode 0

Huey Freeman bolted upright in his bed in a cold sweat. His glistening beaded forehead furrowed as he peered out into the mid-night darkness. His mind was racing, puzzling together meaning to the very potent image still etched in his minds eye. This girl who Huey had known for so long... so vulnerable... had only moments ago danced before him in the most vulgar and salacious manner imaginable. Her caramel skin shone with the exertion of shaking and gyrating her zaftig ass in a myrid of lurid contortions...

Jazmine DuBois is the girl next door. The tragic mullato. Huey had made it his business to try and enlighten Jazmnie on the inherent natural beauty of her african lineage. To try and buttress her fragile self-esteem with the steely beams of knowledge of self...

On the desk across from him, his long neglected and abandoned manifesto sat staring back at him. It's been nearly 9 years since he was transplanted to the comfortable suburb of Woodcrest. In all that time, Huey has begun to wonder if any of the work he so passionately labored over since his arrival to help inform, incite and uplift his people would ever bare any fruits. It seems, however, that Huey's subconscious mind was hinting at a darkly foreboding answer to this question.

But sitting in the gloomy darkness of his room, enveloped in the blackness of night, Huey saw meaning in the strikingly vivid image of his sleep. He understood now, that his inner mind's eye had shown him the dire future that lies before him should he fail in his life's mission. If the one person exposed to his influence on a daily basis could do no better than a common video whore, what chance then did the rest of the world fare?


  1. If Huey doesn't want her anymore, send her my way. I'll spread those buns and make a booty sandwich with my face.

  2. I take offense to us bein' called pedobears, because in reality, you totally made her look pubescent. It's only pedobear if we preferred her how she is on the show... which I do, but not for that reason!